The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety commissioned researchers from the University of Utah to investigate the visual and cognitive demands of the systems. The researchers examined infotainment systems in 30 vehicles from the 2017 model year.

The study said programming a navigation system is the most distracting task -- taking an average of 40 seconds. A car going 25 mph can travel the length of four football fields in that time. Twelve out of the 30 vehicle systems allowed navigation programming while the car was in motion.

None of the systems put a "low" level of demand on drivers. Twenty-three put "high" or "very high" demand on drivers' attention.

"When an in-vehicle technology is not properly designed, simple tasks for drivers can become complicated and require more effort from drivers to complete," David Yang, executive director of the foundation, said in a statement.

Previous AAA research indicates one in three U.S. adults use infotainment systems while driving.

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